What might be the cause of premature ejaculation?

A first sex is a magical word for a growing boy. From the age of 13 when he starts being interested in girls more and to the actual moment of the sexual intercourse, boys have certain expectations of the first sex. Both fear and excitement. http://soccerblogs.net/tags/excitement When the moment finally comes, it’s no rarity that they will „come early“ since watching tons of porn and erotic magazines took its toll. Few are lucky enough to be manly men right from the start, but those others will be left with a little bit of shock. Few of these fellas will suddenly start to resent the sex itself, because of an inappropriate behavior of the girl or even because they fear they might „fail“ again. Now this might be the problem, because if the boy won’t „get over it“, it will stay there in the back of the head forever.

There comes the mighty dapoxetine

This drug dapoxetine was developed in the last decade to ensure that premature ejaculation will be eliminated. It doesn’t only have an effect on the body but also on the mind of the user since they will feel confidently enough to „try it out once again“. And once they will see that it works, and they did very good, the trauma from the first time will slowly fade away.

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